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President Potential?

Bring Project Olas to your high school or college campus! Project Olas is about connection. Why not bring us to school? Here are four reasons to get started:


  1. Community. The preparation to go abroad, as well as the transition from abroad to home, can be tough to navigate. Don't do it alone! There are other students out there who are seeking immersion, and learning Spanish for the same reasons you are.

  2. Funding. Working with us and your university, chances are you won't have to pay out of pocket for lessons. If your university sees that students value Project Olas, they will be likely to increase accessibility.

  3. Perks. Club Olas chapters—especially Club Olas CEOs—receive special benefits. Talk to us about what that could look like for you, from internships at Olas, to trips to Guatemala.

  4. Fun. Now YOU and your friends get to create the culture of Club Olas. Will that look like reguetón parties, Sunday brunches, maybe group discussions? Up to you!

Meet the Founding Club President at Georgetown University

Noelle Whitman, Club President

Noelle Whitman is a sophomore at Georgetown University, originally from Seattle, and pursuing a double-major in Spanish and Justice & Peace Studies. As a member of the leadership team, Noelle is involved in Project Olas’ pilot program and assists in participant recruitment and fundraising. She hopes to help expand the reach of Project Olas nationwide and continue deepening her passion for Spanish sociolinguistics through Project Olas.


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