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Bring Project Olas to your high school or college campus! Project Olas is about connection. Why not bring us to school? Here are four reasons to get started:


  1. Community. The preparation to go abroad, as well as the transition from abroad to home, can be tough to navigate. Don't do it alone! There are other students out there who are seeking immersion, and learning Spanish for the same reasons you are.

  2. Funding. Working with us and your university, chances are you won't have to pay out of pocket for lessons. If your university sees that students value Project Olas, they will be likely to increase accessibility.

  3. Perks. Club Olas chapters—especially Club Olas CEOs—receive special benefits. Talk to us about what that could look like for you, from internships at Olas, to trips to Guatemala.

  4. Fun. Now YOU and your friends get to create the culture of Club Olas. Will that look like reguetón parties, Sunday brunches, maybe group discussions? Up to you!

Meet the Founding Club President at Georgetown University

Noelle Whitman, Club President

Noelle Whitman is a sophomore at Georgetown University, originally from Seattle, and pursuing a double-major in Spanish and Justice & Peace Studies. As a member of the leadership team, Noelle is involved in Project Olas’ pilot program and assists in participant recruitment and fundraising. She hopes to help expand the reach of Project Olas nationwide and continue deepening her passion for Spanish sociolinguistics through Project Olas.

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<<<June Recap>>>


Our world is uprooted. From uprisings against systemic racism flooding all channels to the continued COVID-19 shutdown in Guatemala, we are all searching for hope. In light of tumultuous current events, this month, Olas students grounded themselves in their visions for the future. Through our Tres Semanas de Visión curriculum, we challenged Olas moms and students to reflect on the current moment to then look beyond it. In three weeks, they imagined change, envisioned the reopening of our world after the pandemic, and discussed the spirit of resilience. Through imaginando el cambio, reapertura, and resiliencia, we find light in the future at home and in Guatemala City.


Olas, too, has been looking to the future and growing. The Social Innovation Public Service Fund awarded us a $1,000 grant to support our plans for expansion. Various team members sought professional development through participation in programs such as the Social Enterprise Greenhouse COVID-19 Response Incubator and Georgetown's Summer Launch Program. Finally, to support our beginner students, we expanded our training programs for Olas moms, by including English language training and practice working with beginner learners. We've seen immense growth in our Olas moms and in our students, and we know this is just the beginning.


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Imagining Change│Imaginando el cambio


In celebration of Pride Month, we launched Olas Pride Week, dedicated to amplifying Latinx LGBTQ+ voices. In parallel with the imaginando el cambio theme of our June curriculum, together we sought to amplify LGBTQ+ activists, writers, artists, and scholars who imagined a better world and brought meaningful change. We explored the technicolor culture, history, music, and art of the Latinx LGBTQ+ community, and we immersed ourselves in new ideas while fostering deeper cross-cultural connections. Our partner organization in Guatemala City, Creamos Futuros, also celebrated Pride Month by hosting workshops and providing educational videos for Olas moms. 

We imagined el cambio for the

Latinx LGBTQ+ community during 

Olas Pride Week, and

together we can transform

our imaginations into reality. 






After months in shutdown, Zona 3 is beginning their of reapertura. While Guatemalans still have quarantine protocol in place, various restrictions have been lifted. Olas moms can go on walks with their families and shop at their local food market six days a week. As Olas mom Jeanette states, “Bad times come to teach us, not to stay.” Through our reapertura curriculum, we challenged the Olas community to share lessons they've learned during this trying time. We are all inspired by their visions for the future. 




Despite quarantine restrictions,

Olas moms and students maintain

hope for a safe future

that allows reapertura.







Following the murder of George Floyd, we've seen protests in 2,000 cities in all 50 states. The voices of Black and Brown individuals have taken center stage, and millions have stood in solidarity. We have faced this country's history and been inspired by the resilience of those at the frontlines. Here at Olas, we have been having honest conversations about our responsibility as individuals and as an organization to vulnerable communities in our nation and beyond. 


Finding ways to bring what is happening in our world into Olas conversations is at the heart of our identity. We tailored our resiliencia curriculum to make sure students of all levels could share the issues on our minds –– from discussing various forms of prejudices in America and Guatemala to how we react when our words or actions have offended. We hope that conversations manifest into change in our communities.



Olas moms are changemakers.

In the face of challenge,

they act with strength and perseverance.

Socially-conscious conversations inspire us

to act with resiliencia that incites change.







This month, we present to you a guide to bartering in Guatemalan street markets. Check out this post, designed by Insha Momin, to understand the basics. At Olas, we push our students out of the four walls of a classroom, and into the intricacies of local culture. Enjoy! 


Let's Have Some Fun!




Whether you’re interested in art, culture, literature,

poetry, or current events, the Olas Blog is calling

your name! Stay updated and read our posts to learn

more about Guatemalan culture, art, and news. 



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