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Pride Music: Baile Funk

Whether you're in need of some mood-lifting tunes or a dance party, Baile Funk pumps rhythm and energy straight through your headphones! Join the Olas family and bop along to the genre we can't turn on "pause". To continue Olas Pride Week, we’re celebrating the vibrant bops & groundbreaking artists of Baile Funk, a genre that bridges the unique landscapes of Brazilian Pride, drag, and music cultures.

Brazilian Funk, or Baile Funk, is the genre derived from Miami Bass and gangsta rap and it is twerking its way up the music charts.

“Baile Funk as a genre is lively and contagious. The music industry is already watching. It’s now one of the of most heard genre’s in Europe, North America and Central America.”

- Straight Out of the Favela: Brazilian Funk via Spotify Newsroom

Here are some song recommendations to keep you grooving this weekend:


Music itself is a language that speaks to us all. In many conversations with Olas moms, students have expressed how they’ve bonded with Olas moms over their favorite songs. Music embodies the Olas spirit–to celebrate our distinct cultures and build human connection along the way. Keep up with our Instagram and Facebook for more Olas Pride Week resources!

This week, get funky with us and celebrate Olas Pride Week with some new tunes and show-stopping dance moves!

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