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Team Recommendations: Books, Shows, and More...

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

We are excited to share some of our favorite Spanish books, shows, movies, podcasts, and more! These are some amazing resources to hone your Spanish skills and learn more about Latinx and Hispanic life and culture. On a rainy day or a lazy night, turn on one of these shows or start reading a new book!


Millie Kirkland, an Olas participant and Team Member, recommends the novel and Netflix series El Tiempo Entre Costuras by Spanish author Maria Duenas. She says, "One of my all-time favorite books: El Tiempo Entre Costuras. This is a double recommendation because it’s also a TV show. The book, written in Spanish, is a great way to practice the language skills you are learning in Olas, and you can watch the Netflix show in either English or Spanish. Set in Spain during the Spanish Civil War and World War II, the book follows a lower class, seemingly normal woman who takes charge of her life and eventually becomes a spy for the Allies. It‘s both captivating, beautifully written, and gives interesting historical facts about Spain during its tumultuous times in the mid 20th century."

Order the book online or watch the Netflix series today!


Chloe Morris, an Olas participant and Team Member, recommends the novel Borderlands / La Frontera by Chicana author Gloria Anzaldúa. She says, “Borderlands/La Frontera is a novel I could reread again and again and uncover new motifs and meanings each time. In both prose and poetry, Anzaldúa highlights the experiences of those living on the frontier between languages and identities. As a Chicana native of Texas, Anzaldúa explores the intersecting Chicano and Anglo cultures through the lenses of gender, sexuality, and religion. This Pride Month provides the perfect opportunity to engage with a Latinx LGBTQ+ narrative. Also, Anzaldúa code-switches between English and Spanish, which is perfect for both bilingual readers and Spanish learners alike."

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Noelle Whitman, an Olas participant and Team Member recommends the Netflix series Gentefied! She says, “I love Gentefied because it gives the Latinx community a platform and the visibility that they’ve been denied for so long in the entertainment industry. While it tackles important issues like gentrification and racial discrimination, it’s a make you feel good bilingual comedy and I’m always laughing during the episodes!”

Watch the Netflix series online today!


Suhani Garg, an Olas participant and Team Member recommends the movie Conducta. She says, Conducta was the last movie I had to watch before my Spanish final this past semester. Although we typically watch Bollywood movies at home, I ultimately watched this film with my mom the night before my test and now it’s a personal favorite of both of ours. The film tells a beautiful story of resilience and adaptability. But beyond that, it shows the powerful impact that a teacher can have on her students’ lives. The language in this movie is fast-paced and challenging which makes it excellent practice for Spanish learners, and the story is one that will be special for anyone that is a part of Olas. Watch it with your family, they will love it too!”

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Stay tuned for more team recommendations to come!

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