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Immersion with an impact.

Spend an hour a week practicing Spanish with an Olas mom, starting at $13/hr.

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Fireworks 1
  • Our most affordable option

  • 12 sessions in 12 weeks at $13/hr

  • Hour-long sessions

  • 8 sessions in 8 weeks at $14/hr

  • Hour-long sessions

  • ​4 sessions in 4 weeks at $15/hr

  • Hour-long sessions

  • 1 hour-long session

  • Give it a try! 

Where does your money go?

Every Olas mom earns more in one hour than women typically earn in an entire 10-12 hour work day of dangerous work, and over three times the national minimum wage in Guatemala. All payment structures are established in collaboration with community-based partners and community members. 

We believe that local leadership, specifically local female leadership, is non-negotiable. Purchasing Olas lessons also supports the compensation of women from Zone 3 as full-time onsite directors.

In addition, we subsidize unlimited data plans and offer compensated, personalized, 1:1 training programs available to every mom who works with us.

Finally, our pricing structures enable us to cover operating costs including student acquisition and curriculum development, meaning that eventually our ability to offer a sustainable and growing source of work will not depend upon our access to grants and external funding.

Because stability and sustainability are of upmost importance, our longest plans are our most affordable plans.

Olas is more than a tutoring service. We're a community. Enhance your language journey and join us! 

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