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Spend an hour a week practicing Spanish with an Olas mom, starting at $13/hr.

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  •  12 sessions in 12 weeks at $12/hr

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  • 8 sessions in 8 weeks at  $13.5/hr 

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  • 4 sessions in 4 weeks at $14.40/hr 

  • Hour-long sessions

  • 1 hour-long session

  • When you come back for more we'll refund you 1/2 the cost!

The price you see is the price you pay.

All plan costs reflect the included 3% transaction fee.

Where does your money go?

Because Olas is a new type of work for the moms we employ, we are hands-on and community based at all levels. Every Olas mom earns in one hour more than she would typically make in an entire day working in the garbage dump and at least four times the national minimum wage in Guatemala. We have worked carefully with our local NGO partners to set wages that facilitate healthier, happier lifestyles, without creating a cycle of dependency or negatively affecting community dynamics. 


We also employ full-time local coordinators—elevating moms from within the Zona 3 community to leadership positions is one of the many ways we keep our approach hyper-local, listening to community needs and creating systemic change. 


In addition, we subsidize unlimited data plans and offer compensated, personalized, 1:1 training programs for every mom who works with us.

Finally, with our pricing structures we are able to cover our operating costs, so eventually we won't rely on grants to be sustainable. This means we can guarantee income to moms for years to come, expanding our impact globally without competing for the funding that other charitable organizations so rightfully deserve. 

Because we promote long term employment and cross-cultural connection, our longest plans are our most affordable plans.

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