Meet an Olas Mom

Watch your Spanish skills soar

We offer personalized online Spanish lessons taught by moms in the community surrounding the Guatemala City Garbage Dump.

  • 1 on 1 lessons

  • Starting at $13/hr 

  • Comfortable environment

  • 1 hour sessions via WhatsApp audio & video

  • Flexible schedule

  • Personalized curriculum

  • All levels welcome


Meet your tutor, Liby.

Welcome to your classroom.

In the community where we work, a mom typically earns between $3-$5 per day engaging in dangerous work.

With Olas, she can earn $5 in one hour from the safety of her home.

Boost your Spanish confidence. 

Speak with an Olas mom:

Our curriculum opens the door for comfortable, engaging conversations. Your Olas mom may ask: "Tell me about your creative process." If you are a beginner, you will learn connection-building vocabulary from day one.

Olas will challenge you to expand your language skills through conversations that expand your world. 

The Olas Difference

Olas moms benefit from compensated training programs, rooted in building trust & self-confidence in addition to our language instruction.


We subsidize data plans. We employ mothers from the community in leadership positions. With your help, we guarantee a sustainable, fair source of income.

Our Recent Stories

"I'm interested in a project like Olas because I believe it captures the essence of why learning languages is important... Communication is a powerful tool that makes us capable of expressing our emotions, being social, and making a difference."

— Millie Kirkland, an Olas student at Georgetown University

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