Meet an Olas Mom

Watch your Spanish skills soar

Gain Spanish fluency through award-winning online conversation sessions with trained moms in the Guatemala City Garbage Dump community.

In the Guatemala City Garbage Dump community, a mom typically makes between $3-$5 per day engaging in dangerous work.

With Olas, she can earn at least $5 in one hour from the safety of her home.

The comfort and connection that Olas moms foster will lead you to effortless Spanish fluency through beautiful conversations.

Olas will expand your Spanish skills through conversations that expand your world. 

Why learn Spanish with a mom?

...Well, who taught you your first language?

The Olas Difference:

Unlock the door to Spanish fluency through

  • 1-hour sessions via WhatsApp audio & video

  • Immersive 1:1 lessons

  • Personalized curriculum

  • Flexible schedule

  • Cross-cultural connections

  • Motherly love 

Why wait? Gain the Spanish fluency you've been dreaming of.

Who are Olas moms?

The moms who join Olas are leaders within their communities. These mothers live near the Guatemala City Garbage Dump, and actively create better futures for their children. Some Olas Moms found women's support groups. Others lead the charge to bring potable water to their communities. Many have infectious laughs.

Olas Moms receive specialized training, but their motherly love and storytelling abilities come naturally.

Our Story

At 16, Olas founder Rebecca left home in small-town Maine to live in Seville, Spain, where she first understood the power of moms for cross-cultural connection. Rebecca's own mom had passed away when she was 10. When she met her host mom Isabel, this relationship led her to stay in Spain for a second year to graduate from a local public high school taught entirely in Spanish.

In 2020, Rebecca, alongside fellow Georgetown students, launched Project Olas at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, Project Olas has rapidly expanded across state lines and national borders. 

Experience the heart of language learning with Project Olas.

Praise for Project Olas

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Featured Partners

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Amy Bonnici

Spanish Instructor at the Wheeler School

"I wanted to give my students a truly global experience, and what I love about Olas is that it's not just bringing a random person into the classroom. This connection, and the  mission, is so much more."

Carly Kabot

Sophomore at Georgetown University

"Speaking with Rosaura has changed my life and made me reconsider my entire academic path at Georgetown."

Mariel Dowling

Spanish Professor at the University of Maine

"This is what I've been looking for my entire career."

Taylor Konopka

Junior at the University of Florida

"Most tutor relationships are transactional. But with Olas, they're transformational."

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