Gain Spanish fluency through

Conversation & Connection

Gain Spanish fluency through online Spanish lessons with a mom from Zone 3 of Guatemala City.

We envision a world where every language student has access to comfortable, relationship-centered language practice.

We envision a world ​where every mom in Zone 3 of Guatemala City has access to safe and sustainable work.


Connect with an Olas mom and gain Spanish fluency through conversation.

The  Olas Difference:

Unlock the door to Spanish fluency through...

  • Relationship-centered learning

  • 1-hour sessions via WhatsApp audio & video

  • 1:1 live sessions

  • Optional included curriculum 

  • Flexible schedule

  • Practice with a native speaker

Why wait? Gain the Spanish fluency you've always dreamed of.

Praise for Project Olas

Praise for Project Olas

Who are Olas moms?

The mothers who choose to join Olas live in the community surrounding the Guatemala City Garbage Dump in Zone 3 of Guatemala City.


Olas moms come from diverse backgrounds, but share a common love of meeting new people and supporting others. Suny, for example, runs a women's support group. Mirna has led the charge to bring potable water to her community.


Moms join Olas because Olas is an enjoyable, safe source of income that helps make all the other important things they do—as entrepreneurs, guardians, students, leaders, and more—a little bit easier. 


Olas Moms receive specialized training before joining the team. 

Featured Partners

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Amy Bonnici

Spanish Instructor at the Wheeler School

"What I love is that it is transformative and empathy building while using language skills. I've been looking for such opportunities for my students my whole teaching career. This is what language learning is about: making connections, gaining diverse perspectives, and building relationships."

Ben Fossen

Co-founder of Adoptees with Guatemalan Roots

"Meeting Liby was like meeting a friend or motherly figure. She's a natural teacher."


Mariel Dowling

Spanish Professor at the University of Maine

"This is what I've been looking for my entire career."

Ava Baeza

Senior at Camden Hills Regional High School

"I've always felt a disconnect with my heritage, and the biggest barrier has been my ability to speak Spanish. But because of Olas, I've never seen so much improvement in such a short amount of time."

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