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Create an Immersive Learning Experience for Your Students while Creating a Social Impact

We develop personalized curriculums to facilitate meaningful conversation and connection. The moms we work will earn more in a 1-hour session than in a full day of dangerous work at the Guatemala City garbage dump. 

You bring Project Olas to your Classroom so your students can practice Spanish, and together we create safe sustainable income opportunities in the communities Olas serves.


Seminar Model

Invite an Olas mom to your classroom via Zoom to engage in a dialogue with the whole class. You can add as many seminars as you want as an immersion recourse for your class. 


Homework Sessions

Integrate one-on-one Olas sessions into your curriculum to help your students build bridges and greatly accelerate their speaking and listening skills. These sessions take place out of class, and you set the deadlines.

Bring Olas to your Classroom

Add interaction with a Olas Mom into your curriculum as a stand alone assignment or as a complement to an already existing activity. Our award-winning lessons foster an environment of cross-cultural learning through warmth and empathy. Reach out to us to discuss pricing and how we can meet your needs.


When you partner with Olas, you'll get  access to a large bank of tema, vocabulary, and comprehension questions on a variety of topics, especially topics concerning the Zona 3 community. We can make our pre-existing tema line up with your curriculum.

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Make a difference through the joy of language. Be part of a sustainable, financially empowering solution.

Got Questions?

Check out our FAQ's, shoot us an email or schedule a call with us.

Thanks for your interest of bringing Olas to your classroom!

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